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"Attitude affects everything you do, the way you sketch, put together a room, and even the way you visually communicate with people. It's so important to live in color! Using color is a proven natural stress reliever.”

“ Design should take us places and transform us, inspire us, as well as create a space that can effortlessly combine opulence and luxury with simplistic classic style...always creating a comfortable home space for all to enjoy for years to come.” 

Sunshine D. Tutt, ASID

Our Design Process...


Project Launch:

The first step to a successful project is the initial consultation. This meeting is to gather information about the scope of the project and your expectations. We will learn about your preferences, what is important to you and how to make your space blend perfectly with your lifestyle, taste and important details. This meeting is often held at the project site in order to acquire basic measurements and photos. If your project is new construction, we will meet with you and your builder, contractor and or architect before our initial meeting to gain insight as to existing structures and plans. At this first meeting, it is also suggested that you bring photos of rooms you like and items that inspire you, as well as any information about other parties that might be working on your project. This first meeting also allows Sublime Interior Designs to explain in depth how we work and how we charge for our services. We view design as a partnership and we want to make sure that both designer and client feel comfortable working with each other. Within one week of the first meeting we will present you with a written design agreement, including the design fee for your project and projected material budget.


Design Concept:

Once you have signed the design agreement, we then begin to create an initial design study, based on your project requirements (scope), your preferences and our initial meetings notes. This study may include items such as structural layout options, floor plans, a color scheme, materials and surface options, and lighting & plumbing fixtures as well as a detailed materials budget, preliminary selections of furniture, window treatments, floor design, lighting and fabrics.  You can expect to be presented with a combination of sketches, product & material selections and fabric samples as well as other visual aids to help you to fully understand the concept and plan. Approximate range pricing of goods and services will also be provided. 


Design Presentation:

 Design concept development is the phase where we tie together all the details, develop and finalize all structural elements, construction documents and floor plans. During this phase, we may also coordinate with other professionals such as the architect, A/V specialist, the contractor and sub-contractors in order to give you the best design and product recommendations. We may meet with you several times during this phase in order to arrive at the best and final design. All decision makers are required to be present for your design concept presentation. During the meeting, we will narrow down your options on all design elements and the overall plan and move it to an "approved list" If there are elements of the design that need to be refined, researched or sourced, we will do so quickly and verify your final approval on those items. 


Final Approval:

We will need your signature and require a deposit for final approval. We streamline this process for you and make sure you have everything you need to give your final approval and initiate the order. These proposal approvals are binding and are not reversible. Final approved costs for goods and services will also be signed off on at this time.  It is important to make decisions expeditiously throughout this phase, as vendor pricing and product availability can often change if done so in more than 30 calendar days.


Purchasing & Procurement:

Once your signed proposals and deposits are received, orders are initiated immediately. Your project coordinator will contact you to inform you of your project schedule, including start date and anticipated completion date. Your project coordinator is here to answer any questions or concerns you may have during the construction and installation process. We will take care of all the details as well as coordinate with the necessary parties regarding any on-site construction and installations. For construction details and items that others will be purchasing, we will often play a part in making sure all the details are done correctly. We will prepare all specifications and purchase orders. We will communicate with all contractors and sub-contractors and vendors regarding specifications, ordering, expediting, quality inspections, coordination and timely delivery or installation in your home. Sometimes after an item has been approved and ordered, this item becomes delayed or back ordered. In this rare case, you will be notified and kept updated. In rare cases, an alternative selection may have to be chosen. We will notify you as soon as we become aware and provide you with an updated proposal including any price changes. You can also expect to receive reports, from your Project Coordinator, periodically to help you keep track of all purchases and their arrival.


Structural Build or Renovation:

This is when your design begins to come to life. Expect a lot of activity as everyone plays their part in creating your new space. Depending on the scope of your project you may have a General Contractor/Builder for renovations and additions to your space or at least subcontractors such as painters, tile installation, electrical and other specialized licensed professionals performing certain tasks. our team will coordinate all the details with all relevant parties to assure the outcome is as we intend it to be. You can expect to be updated regularly on the progress. flooring, wallcoverings, cabinetry, woodwork, tile, plumbing and lighting are all put in their place. This shall include coordination of the delivery, installation and final placement as specified. We will visit the project periodically to observe and to become familiar with the progress and quality of work as it relates to the overall design concept.


Furniture & Decorative Installation:

While your renovation is progressing, you are receiving all of your furnishings, lighting, fixtures, accessories and fabrics. When all of the renovation is complete and the space is ready, We will schedule the installation of furniture, window treatments and accessories. Sublime Interior Designswill coordinate all aspects of the final installation and prepare the space for your seamless return. 


This is the moment you have been waiting for! You will walk into your home and see your dream come true. We will walk with you through your space and all aspects of the design, now that the vision has been realized. Once you have had a chance to take it all in and enjoy your new space for a few days, we will do a final walk through with you. We will create a punch list of any small items that need to be taken care of. We will attend to any loose ends right away and leave you to enjoy your beautiful home with your family and friends for years to come!

Our Commitment to You...

Sublime Interior Designs goal is to deliver on time while achieving our clients design visions and dreams. With each design project, we are committed to bring excellence and elegance with limitless boundaries, exceeding all expectations, while devoting ourselves to creating the perfect space.

Tell Us About Your Project...


Fees & Policies

Below is a list  of standard fees and options but keep in mind we will always work with you to tailor a plan and fee structure that meets your design goals while meeting your budget. 

Our fees are based on several key factors including time, talent, experience, quality of resources and services available. There are several fee schedule options after that, depending on the nature of your project and our level of involvement. We will work together to determine the best fee plan for your needs.  

Flat Rate 

This is a fee determined after evaluating your design needs, formulating a project plan and working with your budget. We will provide a flat rate fee for the services. Unless the scope of the project changes, we will not exceed that budget.

Hourly Rate

You have the option of paying an hourly rate of $150.00 per hour for a principal designer on site and $75.00 per hour projected research hours and preparation hours.  Assistant/Jr. Designer hourly rates are billed at $40.00 an hour. We will provide an estimate on how many hours we anticipate the project taking. This is the most common method and always used with E-Design projects. 

One Time Fee

A one-time fee may be used if you require a color consultation, space planning for one room, lighting or materials selection. This method is common in new construction, or remodeling projects where the client needs design guidance. Our consultation fee for this is $500 for 3 hours and $150.00 for every hour thereafter. 


A 20% retainer is required to initiate work on the project. The retainer amount is based on the estimated total investment of the project. Retainers are applied to the final billing. Pre-payment is requested for all product purchases.

Sales Order Policy

We require 50% down on the purchase of all materials, furniture, fixtures and accessories prior to placing a sales order. 

"Your home should tell the story of who you are and be a collection of what you love"

Sunshine Tutt,  Sublime Interior Designs

Sunshine on Bravos "Best Room Wins"

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